“Since I had the opportunity to come to Healthcare Center of Fresno, my health has truly improved. The personnel and the Administrators have displayed concern and kindness and are very helpful. Last year, I weighed 501lbs, now I am at 318lbs. My true healing started here!

The CNAs and Nurses are, in my opinion, Outstanding! They are never rude and always willing to be helpful and have a listening ear. They are polite to all patients regardless of what issues a patient has; they handle them with kindness, from my observation. They provide activities and meetings for patients to voice their opinions and concerns. I feel while I am here, I have made many friends. I thank God that there are still people who are compassionate.”

—Pamela M.


“I really like being in Healthcare Centre. The staff is very nice and treat me like their family.

I get to watch anything I want on TV.

Thank you, HealthCare, for being here for me.

I am Home.”

—James A.


“I have been here at the HealthCare Centre of Fresno going on three years. Before I walked in the door, I felt the Love.

When I came, I couldn’t raise my hands. I couldn’t roll over, bend down and pick up things off the floor or ground. I started taking therapy. It really helped me. I was in a private home, all I did was lay in bed. I don’t do that here. I like the way they set the tables for lunch. They make you feel like you are eating in a restaurant.

All the CNAs and the nurses treat me right. When I push the light for help, I realize I am not the only one in here. They come right away to see what I need.”

—Lula D.


“I came to the HealthCare Centre of Fresno almost 6 years ago. It was my choice to stay here long term. I call it my home because the nurses and CNAs have always made me so comfortable and I get very good care.

They are my Family!!”

—Kathleen H.


“I want to thank HealthCare Centre for the great food that you serve.

This is my 3rd time staying here at HealthCare and I just think the staff is great! I don’t have to wait to get clean sheets!

Everyone is so friendly.

I look forward to going to activities.

Thank you, HealthCare, for my comfortable stay.”

—Bruce R.


“The food is very good.

The nursing staff is very pleasant. They keep me very clean and my sheets are very clean.

I really like it here at HealthCare Centre and love Dr. Soghomonian!

The nursing staff is very attentive and alway happy. This is a great place for rehab!”

—Andrew C.


“I just want to let you know that I really appreciate all you do for me. You are always courteous, friendly, and always help me with my needs.

I also want you to know that I love the food.

I want to thank you for everything and letting me stay with you at HealthCare Centre.

Thank you”

— Phillip Y.